About Tribar Services, Inc.

Based in Monmouth County and operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including Connecticut, we offer a wide range of services, performed by a staff of highly qualified and seasoned professionals.

Family owned and operated since 1995, we pride ourselves on maintaining deep ties to our community, while delivering a lasting and sustainable (literal) foundation for our clients


Why Tribar Services Rises Above The Rest

With our all-in-one full-service house lifting, we provide a single point of contact to our network of designers, architects, and associated contractors; while handling all house lifting, foundation, and masonry work ourselves.  Using a multitude of separate contractors naturally leads to miscommunications, which can cause serious mistakes to be made.  There is also less accountability, where each separate contractor can easily blame someone else when something goes wrong.  For such a difficult, intricate, and dangerous job as lifting a house, even a small mistake can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Being full-service, we eliminate these communication issues, leading to an overall safer environment and thusly providing you with a greater peace-of-mind.  We also eliminate overhead, saving you money, and streamline the entire process, saving you time and frustration.

Though other "full-service" companies may exist, we are the only ones using the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies and methods in the industry.  Other companies use antiquated "cribbing" systems during a lift, which have been used since ancient times, and carry a higher risk of collapsing the building they support.  We, however, use the proprietary Failsafe House Lifting system, also known as ATLAS, which is the most advanced and safest lifting system available.  We are also capable of installing helical piles, which many other companies can not.  These are a special type of piling for deep-foundation work which are not only more efficient and faster to install than other piling technologies, but also have a significantly lower environmental impact.


Watch our video on Fail-Safe LIfting from Tribar Services:




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  • 108 Year Old House Lift – Completed in 6 weeks
    Click the image to learn more!

  • 108 Year Old House Lift - Completed in
    6 weeks

    Click the image to learn more!

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