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When hearing the term, Demolition, many think of destruction and total chaos, but here at Tribar Services, Inc. we portray it in a completely different image.  We have demolition down to a science, but also understand there is an art to having it run smooth, safely and efficiently.

Tribar Services, Inc. is based in Leonardo, New Jersey but operates in all five of New York’s boroughs, as well as, Westchester and Long Island.  We provide optimal service to all types of projects and various types of clientele (homeowners, general contractors, building owners, fortune 500 companies, etc.) while making the difficult projects seem easy.   Regardless of what time of day it is, or the day of the week, we have a staff of skilled workers set up for those emergency situations that occur during non traditional business hours.

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is an area we specialize in. Tribar Services, Inc. handles all phases of interior demolition from total gut out to selective demo. Our laborers are highly trained and skilled, possessing certificates of fitness for all aspects of construction (scaffold use, fire watch, and oxy-acyt). Our services include removal of mechanical equipment, dismantling, and clean outs. We take pride in working in delicate areas requiring extensive care such as high-end residential to commercial project while there work continues uninterrupted by our presence. Interior demolition is definitely one of are our signature trademarks.

Specialized Demolition

Tribar Services, Inc. maintains a large equipment fleet with a wide range of specialized demolition attachments which allow us to improve productivity and enhance safety during the demolition process. We maximize salvage and recycle of demolition debris insuring absolute minimal disposal of waste.  Our technicians have on-going training in the latest methods and technology to provide safe and efficient remediation of environmental hazards.

Historical Demolition

Demolition work performed on sensitive historic sites requires an extra degree of care and attention to detail. Preserving and retaining the unique and irreplaceable features of sites designated as historical during the deconstruction process presents difficulties and challenges many demolition companies are reluctant or unable to address. Tribar Services, Inc. takes great pride in being an experienced and effective contractor capable of performing such work and understands that when it comes to preserving the integrity of a historical site, mistakes simply are not acceptable.

We are experienced in deconstruction and salvage as it pertains to the preservation of a site deemed historical. The EPA defines “deconstruction” as the dis-assembly of buildings to safely and efficiently maximize the reuse and recycling of their materials. However, this does not accurately reflect the common intent of deconstruction prior to restoration or preservation of a site. Unlike in typical deconstruction where materials are carefully removed and sorted for redistribution or recycling and reuse, preserving historical sites through deconstruction requires that many items be removed for later restoration and re-installation in order to retain the original character of the structure.

Residential Demolition

When it comes to demolition of homes, garages or whatever else you need demolished, we handle everything for you from utilities cut-offs, permits, environmental issues to the demolition and final grading. We can also handle swimming pool demolition. We do the work so you don’t have to. Call Tribar Services, Inc. for any wrecking services you need including interior demolition to complete house take down.

Exterior Demolition

Tribar Services, Inc. handles a full range of exterior demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings of all types. Our goal with every exterior demolition project is to make the overall process easy for you by providing full service capabilities. We handle all aspects that might be part of the demolition process so that you can eliminate multiple contracting situations. Tribar Services, Inc. also takes away any worries that permit application or coordination might entail as we handle all the paperwork or legwork that may be required.

In regards to safety, Tribar Services, Inc. treats all projects with the same level of attention that has built our reputation throughout the years. Basements are back filled to grade, and waste removal is handled professionally, with complete documentation provided to the client as requested. We can also coordinate the removal of hazardous waste from a site, if it is a requirement of the project.

Commercial Demolition

Tribar Services, Inc. provides complete “turn-key” demolition of commercial structures for developers, architects and property owners such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Apartment Building
  • and More!

Our wrecking services include everything from interior demolition to total building take down. We handle each project safely, responsibly and economically for our clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. We handle everything for our clients including utilities cut-offs, permits, environmental issues to the demolition and final grading.

Emergency Demolition

Tribar Services, Inc. provides emergency demolition services to municipalities, homeowners, fire departments and more. Regardless of what time of day, or night it is or what day of the week it is. We have a designated team of skilled workers ready for emergency situations that just can’t wait for regular business hours. Emergency demolition services are imperative to re-establishing the safety of a building or site area. Tribar Services, Inc. can clean up after a building fire, structural collapse, sudden weakness, or weather damage.

Hurricane Sandy Demolition Services

Sandy leave your life in pieces?

Let Tribar Services, Inc. help you get a fresh start.



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