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boat salvage NJ | Boat recovery NJMarine salvage is the process of recovering a boat, its cargo, or other property after a shipwreck.  Today the protection of the environment from cargoes such as oil or other contaminants is often considered a high priority. When salvaging a boat Tribar Services, Inc. may need to utilize cranes, excavators, floating dry docks and divers to lift and repair the vessel for short journeys to safety towed by a tugboat.

When your job requires a Marine Salvor our carefully selected Captains and team of salvors are experts you can trust to ensure that your jobs are performed safely and efficiently – and in compliance with all state rules and regulations.

After Hurricane Sandy, Tribar Services, Inc. Boat Salvage recovered many boats for major insurance companies and individuals.

Why Recover or Salvage a Boat?

  • Repairing the vessel at a harbor, boat yard or dry dock
  • Clearing a Channel for navigation. If the owner fails to do so, the Coast Guard will remove it for them and the owner will be responsible for paying the cost of recovery and possible fines.
  • Protecting the marine environment from pollution
  • Recovering the vessel, valuable parts or cargo or belongings for resale value or scrap

At Tribar Services, Inc. a Marine Salvage and Boat Recovery may entail any or all of the following services:

  • Towing
  • Refloating a sunken or grounded vessel
  • Patching or repairing of the vessel
  • Lifting and Blocking



For a price quote on land or water recovery of your boat please contact us through our website by clicking here, or call us at 732-291-3464.