Failsafe House Lifting

The Failsafe House Lifting System, also known as the ATLAS House Lifting System is a proprietary technology, which is the most advanced and safest house lifting system available in the industry today.  Despite this, almost all house-lifting companies rely upon ancient "Cribbing" techniques, which involve stacking layers of parallel timbers in 90 degree rotation.  The result looks exactly like a Jenga tower, and like the premise of the classic game, is not very stable.  To increase stability many stacks of timbers are used, but strong winds still have a high risk of toppleing the supports, and collapsing the entire building they are holding.


The Failsafe method instead uses 4 steel towers with associated steel cross-beams to hold the structure.  This is similar to how the support-beams of modern steel and concrete buildings work, and therefore provide a very strong and stable system.  Tribar Services has been a pioneer in the use of this technology, and remains as the only company in its service area to use this fantastic innovation.


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