House Raising

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it is an easy answer. If your home is situated in low lying areas that are susceptible to floods or if your house has already been earlier damaged due to floods, you have no choice but to raise your house to the new FEMA base flood elevations. Even if you live in a moderate flood-risk area, you may still choose to elevate your home for added protection.  Hopefully we will not face another Sandy, but with your home being the biggest investment that most will ever make you simply can’t afford to take that chance.


Benefits to Raising your Home:House Raising Contractors NJ | NJ House Raising

  • Safety & Peace of Mind
  • Prevents Property Loss and Damage
  • Can add usable Space for Garages or Storage
  • Reduces Flood Insurance Premiums
  • Avoids Displacement
  • Increases Property Value
  • Potential for better views


What is my Advisory Base Flood Elevation?

Please click here to visit FEMA’s ‘What is My ABFE?’  address lookup tool and enter your address in the form. Select “Get Details” to see your ABFE and Flood Zone.

To Learn more, view Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.


Why Raise With Tribar Services, Inc. House Raising Services?

Most house raising companies will raise and lower your house only, and usually work with General Contractors. Tribar Services, Inc. is a Demolition, General Contracting & House Raising Company; therefore, we can give you a more complete product. We are equipped to handle everything from engineering, utility disconnects, utility reconnects, foundations, stairs and decks, masonry and carpentry. There are many variables that can occur with each job and your price is customized to fit your project by an onsite evaluation, and photos of your dwelling.

Tribar Services, Inc., is now exclusively equipped and certified with the Failsafe House Raising and Lifting System on the New Jersey Shore. This leading edge technology offers the safest and most secure way to lift your home. Your peace of mind is assured. Read more about our Failsafe services by clicking here.




ICC-ES Certified Smart Vents protect houses and buildings in floodplains by preventing water pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations.




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For a price quote for your House Raising, House Lifting and Foundation projects please contact us through our website by clicking here, or call us at 732-291-3464.