Rigging Services

Rigging Services NJ | NJ Rigging Servicesrig·ging  (rĭg´ĭng) - n.

  1. Nautical The system of ropes, chains, and tackle used to support and control the masts, sails, and yards of a sailing vessel.
  2. The supporting material for construction work.

That’s the official definition, but here at Tribar Services, Inc. its much more:

Rigging Services

When your job requires a Master Rigger, Tribar Services, Inc. has the licensed professional you need. You can trust our carefully selected Master Riggers to ensure that your jobs are performed safely and efficiently – and in compliance with all state rules and regulations.

Experienced Licensed Master Riggers

Each of our Master Riggers goes through an extensive training and examination process, ensuring top-quality professionals on your jobsite. As a leading provider of rigging services, we adhere to all location mandates, guaranteeing safety and excellent performance.

At Tribar Services, Inc. we make it our business to provide you with licensed Master Riggers who provide the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Site management
  • Area compliance
  • Project planning assistance
  • Daily safety inspections of equipment and its use
  • Fulfill all safety requirements mandated by equipment manufacturer
  • Insure proper procedure implementation


For a price quote for your Rigging project please contact us through our website by clicking here, or call us at 732-291-3464.