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Laird and Co. hand and surface sanitizer is made to meet the upper end of the sanitizing levels. They follow the recommendations of WHO, CDC, and the FDA to help reduce bacteria and viruses including diseases like COVID-19, E. coli, MRSA, and salmonella. Stronger than common hand sanitizers, at 80% Ethanol by volume, this is a liquid and can be used on hands and surfaces.


A New Jersey based company since 1780 Laird and Co. has once again stepped up to help with the needs of their community. We currently are servicing some of the following industries and facilities: Hospitals, state police, county and municipal offices, medical offices, nursing homes, places of worship, restaurants, limousine services and other essential businesses looking to sanitize their facility or vehicles to protect everyone.


Our top priority is to help support your needs during this unprecedented health crisis. Please reach out to us with any questions at   sales@tribarservices.com or 732-291-3464.


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How does this compare to leading brands? 

We do not use any fillers in our sanitizer. Our sanitizer goes a lot further then any gelled hand sanitizers at the same level of use.  Not only does our product cost less than the big brands, it lasts longer and delivers more alcohol by volume. 


Is your product in stock?

We are currently scheduling daily bulk deliveries to the New Jersey area. In most instances, delivery can be done within 24-48 hours. Delivery costs may vary and can be discussed further.


Can you sanitize my facility?

We have your solution!  Let us send our team to your small business, house of worship, restaurant, etc to apply our product.  Please email sanitizer@tribarservices.com or call 732-291-3464.


We use the WHO (World Health Organization) formula. It contains 3 active ingredients, Ethanol, Glycerin and Hydrogen Peroxide. We work closely with a certified lab to assure the process meets all compliant guidelines.





Please email us with any questions! sales@tribarservices.com